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Host Of Services

Mangala Vadhyam

Prohitham for ocassion

Floral Decoration

Including Garland

Welcome Stall

Receptionist for Greeting Guest

Aarthy Plates


Popcorn Stall

Sugar Candy Stall


Stick Baloon


balloon decoration

Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck

Cartoon Characters

Dining Table Frill Work

Menu Card


Varisai Plates

(From 11 nos to 51 nos)

Photography & Videography

Signature photos


Drivers for valet parking

Janavasam Car or Chariot

Kerala janda melam

Vegetable carving

thambola bag

Seer Items

accodomation for guest

(On Varied Budgets)

Transport Arrangements

(Including Cab Service)

Train and Bus Tickets


Escorts For VIP's

Return Gift Service

Invitation Service